Signal Switch Matrix

As a software partner SEKAS carried out specification, design and implementation of a software system for visual configuration, control, test, maintenance and monitoring of a communication signal switch matrix.

The matrix enables the connection of 100 inputs and up to 512 outputs. To increase channel availability, faulty connections can be switched to spare channels.

Via the implemented interfaces for matrix control up to 100 clients can send switching commands simultaneously. From these, the server part of the system identifies the devices involved and calculates and executes the commands needed to build or cut the requested signal paths.

A Windows application with a graphical user interface assists configuration, monitoring and maintenance work. The complete system configuration is written in an SQL database. The user interface allows easy handling, so that the system can be easily adapted to different matrix configurations.

Project information:

  • Customer: electronics company
  • SEKAS staff: 4
  • Duration:  approx. 9 months
  • Volume: approx.  2,5 person-years


    • Programming: C#/.Net
    • WPF, Entity Framework
    • SQL database


    • Software development concurrent with customer's hardware development
    • Scrum project with early delivery steps and regular releases
    • Demanding performance fulfilled without difficulty


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