Remote Control and Monitoring System for ATC Radios

SEKAS supported one of its customers in developing a control and monitoring system for Air Traffic Control (ATC) radios.

With the GUI continuously scalable from map to detailed view of a particular radio the system offers a unique visualisation and operating concept.

An additionally developed smartphone application also offers mobile remote control of the radios.  

Project information:

  • Customer: manufacturer of radios and radio monitoring systems
  • SEKAS staff: 2
  • Duration: approx. 8 years
  • Volume: approx. 14 person-years


  • Programming: Java
  • Integration of GIS
  • Integration of devices via SNMP
  • Development of a mobile multi-channel application
  • HTML5 / AngularJS, Cordova


  • Integration of devices of various manufacturers
  • Communication via connections of different quality and band widths


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