Trust is good – Trust-No-One is better

Plant manufacturers and operators keep facing the same situation: In view of the sensitive data they are dealing with the acceptance of remote monitoring solutions is very restricted. This means that problems can merely be responded to once they arise instead of being prevented in the first place.
There is an ample selection of remote monitoring apps for industrial facilities on the market already, but many of these solutions lack sufficient protection of the data provided. Some even require the customer network to open via the internet which in turn renders a facility vulnerable to attacks.

This is what makes SeReMo globally unique:

  • the Trust-No-One safety concept ensures that any confidential information stays with the customer and is completely under his control; 
  • data can be captured from any interface, many standard protocols such as OPC UA or MQTT are supported and individual machine adapters can be implemented;
  • in case of facility problems SeReMo sends push notifications immediately to the mobile device of the staff in charge;
  • since SeReMo is independent of any specific manufacturer, any facility device can be connected and monitored in the application. 


This makes SeReMo a suitable and safe remote monitoring solution for machinery and plant manufacturers and operators in sensitive fields of application.

Get to know more about SeReMo for Machinery and Equipment Constructors.

Get to know more about SeReMo for Machinery and Equipment Operators.


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