Powerline Communication for SmartGrids

For one of our customers we have developed a communication solution for monitoring, reading and remotely controlling SmartGrid devices based on 3G-PLC (narrowband, far reach).

By means of customer‘s hardware (ARM-Cortex processor with G3-PLC modem) SmartGrid devices connect to the WAN/LAN infrastructure of the Grid operator. SmartMeter are connected via SmartAdapter or directly as PLC device to the PLC network. They communicate via PLC with  ServiceConcentrators, which aggregate their communication connecting it as a gateway to operator‘s LAN/WAN. The IP network layer is permanently based on IPv6. For logic connection of the devices an SNMP and a proprietary Serial-Over-IP protocol are implemented. SEKAS took over the part of developing the entire firmware for SmartAdapters and ServiceConcentrators.

An implemented monitoring software for display, evaluation and control offers a logical and geografic view of the communication hierarchy.

The system is rounded up by a data collector acting as a background service collecting data from accessible SmartMeters/SmartAdapters and storing them in a database for further processing.

Project information:

  • international device manufacturer in the energy sector
  • number of SEKAS staff: 2
  • Duration: 12 months for initial development phase
  • Volume: approx. 2 person-years


    • ARM Cortex under FreeRTOS
    • Implementation Ipv6Stack
    • SNMP implementation
    • Monitoring software and data collector: C#/.Net


      • Configuration and update algorithm for update via PLC


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