Nationwide System for Radio Monitoring and Location

SEKAS carried out the setup and maintenance of a distributed radio location and licensing system operating nationwide.

The approximately 100 mobile and stationary measuring stations are connected via secure VPN across Germany. Redundancy and an automatic connection establishment ensure system reliability.

The software system developed by SEKAS allows interactive remote control from every operating station to any of the measuring stations.

It also enables automatic measuring tasks to be defined and carried out at the measuring stations at a given point of time. Afterwards the data is evaluated at the control centers.

Another core function consists in locating signal sources by synchronous remote control of max. four radio directions finders, test receivers or directional antennae.

Project Information:

  • Customer: public sector
  • SEKAS staff: 6 during initial development phase
  • Duration: 12 months for initial development
  • Volume: approx. 10 person-years


  • Programming: C/C++
  • Integration of GIS
  • Redundant VPN


    • Assistance with requirements analysis
    • Integration of a very heterogeneous number of devices
    • Initial development in 1998,  Follow-up projects for system extension
    • To date: user support and maintenance


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