IEC Protocol Adapter

For national air traffic control the status of all radios managed nationwide in various regions and stations should to be recorded for subesequent evaluation and screen display at the air traffic control center.

Air traffic control uses a control and alarm system which communicates with the devices under control via IEC 60870 5 104 protocol. This protocol is not supported directly by the radios nor is it  fully applicable for display of hundreds of hierarchically structured devices (regions, stations, racks, ...).

However, the radio manufacturer offers a software system which provides the status of all integrated radios centrally in a consistent format via SNMP.  This encapsulates also the diversity of device-specific features and control protocols of the different radios.  

For display of the radio status within the control and alarm system SEKAS developed a protocol adapter which reads the desired information from SNMP and provides it via IEC 60870 5 104 protocol.

Project Information:

  • Customer: Manufacturer of radio monitoring systems
  • SEKAS staff: 2
  • Duration: approx. 6 months
  • Volume: approx. 0,5 person-years


  • Programming: C#/.Net
    SNMP, IEC 60870-5-105


  • special conditions imposed by air traffic control


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