Browser-based Single-Page Applications

SEKAS and ATRON jointly developed a system for control centers in public transport companies. The workflow-based event handling resting on predefined measures enables the controller to respond promptly to emergencies and to pass on targeted information to the passengers at any time. 

The clearly designed icon user interface allows necessary actions also in critical situations with merely a few clicks.

The open software architecture enables easy integration of third-party systems such as data hubs of trading partners. 

The complete scope of the web-based solution is available for smartphones or tablets.

Project Information:

  • Leading manufacturer of turn-key solutions for public transport
  • SEKAS staff: analysis 1, development 2
  • Duration: approx. 3 years (analysis and development)
  • Volume: analysis approx. 1 labor-year,  development approx. 1,7 labor-years


  • Programming languages: JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Framework AngularJS and Angular
  • Single-Page Web Application
  • NativeScript for iOS and Android
  • Integration of a Keycloak Account Management
  • License Server Integration
  • TLS/https infrastructure
  • Integration of VoIP
  • i18n solution for AngularJS and Angular2


  • Mapping out a strategy for further action
  • Defining Best Practices
  • Training and coaching ATRON staff 


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