5G Radio Communication Tester with web-based technology

In order to enable chip manufacturers, test labs and network operators to enhance their test environments from LTE to 5G NR, Rohde & Schwarz and SEKAS jointly developed the CMX500 5G Radio Communication Tester.

One of the challenges which had to be dealt with was the transfer to a web-based technology. This was crucial in order to enable globally distributed teams to access the 5G Radio Communication Tester from any part in the world. Rohde & Schwarz equipped the system with a server for data analysis via the internet.

Another challenge was to achieve a highly effective visualization of the huge amount of data. Whenever employees view millions of measurement results remotely, the scoll bars and displays need to work without time offset to avoid disturbances and risking the acceptance gained for web technology so far.

Project information:

  • global market leader in RF- and microwave technology
  • number of SEKAS staff: 3 during the initial development phase, currently 5
  • duration: 2.5 years
  • volume: 7.5 person-years during the initial development phase, 3.75 person-years during the current development phase


  • programming languages: Angular, TypeScript, C#
  • Protractor for test environments
  • Single-Page Application


  • transfer of a complex .NET-UI application into the www
  • feasibility study to see if high demands can be met, such as quickly browsing large amounts of data in millions of rows in a table both online and offline


Want to know more about this project? Get in contact with us at info@sekas.de and we will let you have the complete reference report.

Read on for basic information on Single-Page Applications.


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