Testing safety-critical equipment using PAWS

PAWS (Professional ATLAS Workbench System) is a development and runtime system which consists of a variety of tools for testing durable and safety-critical units such as in avionic test systems and in traffic- and power-engineering.

The key feature of the ATLAS programming method is its signal-oriented specification of test strategies. Test programs are thus independent of any specific test system which enables the reuse of  ATE maintenance programs and units under test over many decades, e.g. in the avionic, railway and power plant industry.

ATLAS is the standard test language developed by the international committees of IEEE and IEC with the goal to design a standard  language using common English measurement technology terms. The simple language constructs are technically easy to understand also for test engineers with little knowledge of software development. The test strategies implemented in the ATLAS programs are conveniently comprehensive for certification-, review- and reengineering purposes and thus maintainable at low cost over a long period of time.

Based on many years of experience gained in standardazation committees SEKAS is a qualified partner when it comes to applying this technology. 

SEKAS supports PAWS customers and PAWS users accross long periods of time and in all parts of Europe with multiple services such as technical support, coaching and development. 

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