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How do I know whether a job offered on the internet is still vacant?

SEKAS job offers are constantly updated and our website shows only those which are currently open. There are no application deadlines, as long as the job offer is available you can post your application.

Which format should the attachments have?

Please send your e-mail attachments as PDF.

What happens after I have forwarded my application?

After having checked your application we decide about an interview. A first meeting usually takes two hours and there may be another interview at a later date. Given the unfortunate case that you should not appear suitable for the job, we would let you know without delay. You are always free to apply for another job offered.

If you decide to send us your speculative application make sure to indicate which sector at SEKAS would interest you most. Our software departments will check on available and suitable tasks. If your profile appears suitable we will let you know. In any case, you will receive a response from us.

How far in advance should I apply?

At SEKAS there is virtually no best time to apply - we fill our vacancies according to need which may be at any time of the year.

Does SEKAS also offer jobs for students?

Yes. We are looking for students time and again to join particular project teams or assume certain tasks. We also offer work placements/internships. Or you can join us as a trainee or as a working student. If you find it interesting to write your (preferably IT) hands-on bachelor, master or diploma thesis with SEKAS, we welcome your suggested topics.

How about career changers?

Basically, the aspects that count most for us are your skills and your commitment to the task. Our application process comprises various stages and there are various opportunities to convince us of your skills. Both our requirements and your personal profile are the pillars of our decision about taking you into our team. Take a close look at our job offers or send your unsolicited application our way.

Does SEKAS offer training courses and prospects for professional advancement?

Yes. Professional training is part of our corporate strategy. We support you in your career planning and assist you in your personal and professional advancement.

Can I join SEKAS right after my education/vocational training or after having graduated from university?

Yes. You can join us if you have completed a vocational training or if you have graduated from university. Send us your speculative application or reply to a current job offered. If work experience is expected this will be mentioned in the job offer.

Does SEKAS also offer vocational training?

Yes. SEKAS offers vocational training as a computer scientist (m/f/d) in the field of application development [Link ]. Duration is usually 36 months (and can be shortened in case of certified previous experience). Take a look at "Jobs" to find out if we are currently offering vocational training. 


I have some more questions. Who can help me?

Dr. Daxwanger and Mr. Krenzke are ready to answer your questions. 
Call us at +49 (0) 89 74 81 34 0.


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