Energy management


The future is present already for those who look ahead. In energy management, the energy turnaround will play a significant role not only in Germany.

A Joint Vision for the Future

Energy turnout includes nuclear phase-out, the focus on renewable energies and the decentralization of energy production as well as an increasing interest in electric mobility. The current changes in the energy sector will need driving forces such as intelligent, secure and reliable ICT systems.

Thinking a Step ahead

We stand for change, for leaving beaten tracks and for the courage to try new solutions.  This is the only way we can secure a reliable, efficient and sustainable supply and use of energy for future generations.

SEKAS offers innovative solutions:

  • for energy suppliers
  • for system operators
  • for industry and trade

By supporting the transition in the energy sector SEKAS contributes significantly to improved efficiency and security of energy supply and use at the same time ensuring considerate and sustainable handling of our resources. Join in!


ESOSEG (Environment for Simulation, Operation and Optimization of Smart Energy Grids)  is a government-funded research project aiming at setting up an open communication platform for the information systems of distribution system operators.

Power Line Communication (3G-PLC) for SmartGrids


SEKAS developed the firmware for devices for communication via 3G-PLC and complemented the system by adding a monitoring solution and a data collector to connect smart meters.

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